FONTS IN USE / 2017-12-05


This collection of essays on poetry, literature and art by Ferdinand Schmatz and Gerald Bast, designed by studio VIE impressively and excellently set in Korpus Grotesk has been honoured as one of Austria's most beautiful books 2016!





The publication was designed by studio VIE (Anouk Rehorek, Christian Schlager), based in Vienna. With this typography – set in Binnenland typeface Korpus Grotesk, finely supplemented with the typeface Rural (by Joël Passieux) – the publication triggers the promises postulated by the title "aufSÄTZE": The smallest parts of the sentences correlate with the reduction down to the essentials in the book itself – we are impressed by this interaction! aufSÄTZE! Essays on Poetry, Literature and Art by Ferdinand Schmatz and Gerald Bast.












ISBN: 978-3-11-048682-7