NOTE / 2018-01-31


The publication BLUMENLESE has resulted from the project “Connected in Isolation“ by BAUM/JAKOB and contains images from the development process, pictures from the final art prints as well as some video stills. The fragmentation and isolation of nature is one of the main subjects in the work of Jacqueline Baum and Ursula Jakob and had of course an important impact for our approach to the design of the book. The three different interviews address composition, presentation and production of flowers from a different perspective. By layering images and texts, splittings and recontextualisations become visible. All texts are set in Binnenland‘s new grotesk typeface that is still in the development process.





The publication starts with a dialogue between Ursula Jakob and Jacqueline Baum. This specific circumstance symbolises both the working process of the artists as well as the well-kept working attitude in cooperation with Binnenland. Dialogue is a space for what is present and what can possibly emerge from it. This creates an incredible potential in a group and encourages collaborative thinking. Established matters may be changed through communication. Thus, new creative action spaces can be arised. This approach of dialogue culture has led to the final result and interweaves BAUM/JAKOB‘s artistic exploration with Binnenland’s graphical thinking in one specific product.











Concept: Jacqueline Baum and Ursula Jakob in collaboration with Binnenland
Design: Binnenland, Mischler & Thönen
Project support: Josef Felix Müller, Vexer Verlag
Interviews with Anita Albus, Roger Kuhn and Peter Steltenpohl, by Baum und Jakob.

ISBN: 978-3-909090-85-3