SPECIMEN / 2013-03-25

T-Star type specimen

We are very pleased to announce the recently printed publication „The Giro Type Specimen“. Within the revision and the extension from the typeface T-Star up to version 3.0 we produced this small and 60gr. light publication.
It presents the wonderful story of the first cycle race in Italy (Giro d'Italia) and provides some background information about the typeface.



The Giro Typespecimen:
T-Star Pro V.3.0










The Giro type specimen is published and designed by Binnenland.

All text about the Giro d’Italia is an excerpt from „The Story of the Giro d’Italia: A Year-by-Year History of the Tour of Italy“, by Bill McGann and Carol McGann. Published by McGann Publishing.


Download The Giro Typespecimen as pdf



Type specimen available for 5.00 EUR to order via Paypal