The Video Game License is calculated for one particular game title, unlimited in time, based on the number of fonts/weights and the assumed selling units. Thereto we offre 4 different license packages:

Base: up to 10 K selling units
Mission: up to 100 K selling units

Interstellar: up to 1 M selling units
Galactic: up to 5 M selling units

If you need an upgrade later, just go to the next package level. Font format: OTF or according to required font format.
Feel free to contact us under for further informations. Please indicate the title of the dedicated Video Game, the estimated number of selling units and the desired font. We will send you an offer immediately.

The font license is for one particular game franchise, as well as its sequels and prequels, which must be clearly identifiable in their relation to the Game Title.
This license covers only the video game part. For print use you have to order the correspondent printfont license.

Terms of the Video Game License Agreement