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The 'Formale Grotesque' is a sans serif typeface with low line contrast. It is not a humanistic Linear Antiqua but also none of the strictly constructed typeface. The 'Formale Grotesque' is a mixture between geometric appearance and organic form. The typeface explores the hand-based shape in relation to the perfection of the computer software as well as the individual transition from the imagination to the result. The final forms have common features in some character pairs, but are by no means hermetically applied to the entire character string. All round forms present themselves expansive. Compared to other sans serif typefaces, many of the uppercase letters are kept unusually extended in their widths and in terms of thickness clearly differ from the lowercase letters. This highlighting of the capital letters when using the typeface for body texts refers of the grotesque typefaces drawn in the late 19th century. However, this emphasis is more subtle in Formale Grotesque. The typeface is rhythmised by a few narrowly drawn characters. Characteristically, the terminals of some glyphs are cut in opposite directions which gives the typeface their individual appearance, especially in larger point sizes.

The font consits of 12 upright weights and its italics, split up into Light (L1-L4), Normal (N1-N4) and Bold (B1-B4) and provides small caps and several alternative stylistic sets. All details you see in the Glyph Set.

Design by Michael Mischler & Nik Thoenen, 2019


Some more details in our blog of our approach

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