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‘Korpus Grotesk’ is a continuation and translation of the typographic vocabulary of the serif typeface ‘Korpus’ into a sans-serif font family.
It is both an interpretation and a development of its shape, while retaining the proportions and the rhythm of the underlying typeface.
While the ‘Korpus’ refers to features of hot metal typesetting, ‘Korpus Grotesk’ imitates the technical characteristics of phototypesetting. Inaccuracies and fuzziness in the transmission through exposure onto the carrier medium of film and printing plate — as for example light bleeding — are rendered discretely visible, relativising the character of the font.
The two font families ‘Korpus’ and ‘Korpus Grotesk’ have been harmonised to allow alternating use in body text.

Design by Michael Mischler & Nik Thoenen, 2014


More details about the Korpus Grotesk typeface development