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Korpus (Latin term for 'body'.) marks the German printing medium point size used in hot-metal setting, this is equal to ten points Didot. But Korpus (or text corpus) can also refer to a composition of linguistic material, consisting of a large and structured set of texts, of extracts from a collection of texts or statements that are the subject of a particular presentation.
The typeface Korpus is the result of the exploration of errors in type production process. Working with specimen sheets and proofs of several early twentieth-century typefaces, we observed a number of faults, including distortions, physical flaws and mistakes in the process of transmitting letter designs from one medium to another, from metal to ink to paper. In the process of cutting, casting, setting and proofing characters, they could become distorted, often as a result of uneven pressure. Observations of these errors led to the development of the Korpus typeface. Whereas most digital reconstructions of physical letters aim to smooth out or eliminate such faults, we sought to deliberately amplify them.

Design by Michael Mischler & Nik Thoenen, 2009/11


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Type in use:

Artist's book 'here's to you' for Claudia Märzendorfer
Artist's book '1–5' for Josh Müller