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The term Korpus comes from the Latin and means 'body'. In the German-speaking printing world Korpus is used for a medium point size used in metal setting, size ten Didot points. But Korpus (corpus in English) can also refer to a text or extract from a collection of texts or statements that are the subject of a particular presentation or study in various academic disciplines.
The development of this typeface took inspiration from intermediary devices, primarily those involved in the technological reproducibility of character drawings. Inaccuracies, fuzziness, and inconspicuous errors in their transmission from one physical state to the next began to play a part in the development process of the characters. Emerging discretely, they strikingly put into perspective the body of their appearances.

Design by Michael Mischler & Nik Thoenen, 2009/11


More details about the Korpus typeface development

Type in use:

Artist's book 'here's to you' for Claudia Märzendorfer
Artist's book '1–5' for Josh Müller