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The Relevant typeface has its name from the concept of relevance, the notion of measuring how much something influences reality, or how well a piece of information or a theory can convey knowledge about reality, regardless of the truth of this knowledge. This context of interpretation forms the background, intention, and basis of the development of the Relevant typeface.
A sample of the Record Gothic typeface, designed in 1927 by Robert Hunter Middelton for Ludlow Typograph Company provided the starting point for the development. Particularly the medium-wide, normal-weight font was of interest as it appears fairly clean and settled compared to other font weights. The idea of bringing efficiency into play, thereby claiming to achieve type legibility on a purely technical level, juxtaposing a schoolbook typeface, which was used in German-speaking Switzerland until the 1980s, with the Record Gothic, this was the formal and conceptual approach. The ‘Relevant’ typeface emerged from a typographic attempt to create a font family with a systematic architecture, both in terms of development and design, and, at the same time, maintain optimum legibility and readability.

Design by Michael Mischler and Nik Thoenen, 2007; revised and extended with Cyrillic and Greek, 2017



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