NOTE / 2019-01-04

A new alphabet for 2019

We are increasingly talking about new alphabets. Alphabets which point to new dimensions. The thought of the possibility of an extended articulation of a view or a way of thinking
has occupied us for some time. In 2019 we’d like to continue
our investigations. We declare new ways of thinking as basic approach for the creation of new forms. Reflections on complexity result in a new interpretive scope.



In 2011 we by chance found a photocopy with a capital letter alphabet in the studio of a friend. It showed an alphabet board dated from 10 June 1939 used by Indian spiritual master Meher Baba. From July 1925 onwards, he initiated a life-long period of self-imposed silence. He communicated by using an alphabet board to deliver messages. This board served him until 1941.



The depicted capital letters on this alphabet board were a formal as well as a content-related inspiration for us and influenced
our type development eminently. With their idiosyncratic widths, they have a decisive impact on the character for our new typeface « Formale Grotesque ».





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