DEVELOPMENT / 2013-03-28

About the T-Star Typeface

T-Star’s features include low-contrast, uniform line width, laterally flattened, round basic forms, as well as cut-back ascenders and descenders. It’s a plain, technical-style typeface that is slender in its proportions and highly economical when it comes to the space taken up by body text. Its appearance is marked by openness and individual characters show surprisingly unconventional features. Where predetermined patterns and systems proved unsatisfactory, shapes were interpreted intuitively, but stringently.


Low-contrast, uniform line width







About the update: Not only completely revised Italics and optimized hinting and alignment zones for better screen presentation were made in the revision. Listed below are the main changes and improvements of T-Star.










New ‘Heavy’ weight including lower case letters which replaces the existing ‘Headline’ weight.









New metrics. All weights are more closely cut and better match each other.










Optimized and updated glyphs like the @ sign and quotation marks.







Uniform vertical metrics. Capital letters and x-High has no typographical increase.








Additional languages: Cyrillic, Greek, and Vietnamese in the Pro Version.




Designed by Michael Mischler in 2002, revised and extended in 2012
T-Star in BL-Typewriter
T-Star Webfont
T-Star Pro Glyph Set


Download T-Star Pro V.3.0 Specimen as pdf