SPECIMEN / 2011-11-09

Contextualized type specimen No 2

Die Idylle ist perfekt: This expanded typographical dialog was inspired by the Relevant typeface we designed in 2007 and revised in 2011. Two separate special invitations were extended. Manuel Burgener has created a sculptural intervention. Raum (Sabine Kronenberg & Lars Mischkulnig) laid out a narrative, relevant approach. Arranged and printed, these offhanded and facile works appear as parts of an added intellectual value.



Kontextbezogene Schriftprobe No 2 – Das Wesen liegt in den Dingen. — Rohstoff wird von Bedeutung,
um aus Nichts Etwas zu machen. — Materialisieren hat mit einer Wahl zu tun und damit, nicht in Vergessenheit zu gera­ten. — Ich orientiere mich, an eine Wand sacht angelehnt. — Die Idylle ist perfekt. 
binnenland – Mischler & Thoenen, 2011, 28 x 41 cm, 28 pages, Two-color printing




Efficiency in general describes the extent to which time or effort is well spent towards an intended task or purpose. The term is often used with the aim of conveying the capability of a certain device and achieving a specific outcome effectively while producing a minimum of waste, expense, or unnecessary effort in the process. ‘Efficiency,’ however, has widely varying meanings in different disciplines.



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