SPECIMEN / 2017-10-05

Contextualized type specimen No 4

The Poster Series «Contextualised Type Specimen No 4» from
A to F is filed under the subject «Connections» and shows content based, structural, visual and associative references to the typeface T-Star and its creation process. All the posters are set in the completely reworked and optimised version 4.0.





After ten years on the font market T-star was in 2016 together with Vienna based fontdesign company Schriftlabor run by Rainer Scheichelbauer, completely rebuilt to improve the legibility
in body text and to get a smoother typeface for the screen presentation for the web appearance as well as for all Microsoft Office applications. Therefore all curves and shapes of all glyphs have been precisely designed and redrawn to get
a more harmonious and catchy alphabet. The new family include
a slightly thicker Bold weight than the old one, and there is an additional Heavy Italic weight. In all, there are ten well adjusted weights available to create typographic products
in a wide range. The new optimised T-Star now works perfectly for screen presentations, for web and other applications. The non-typographical fact of keeping the same metrical units over the weights makes the results always look striking.



Poster Series A — F / Connection:
T-Star Pro V.4.0








Excerpt from the Poster No A
About abbreviations, the system of simplification,
the connections to the typeface and other references.


Poster Series A — F / Connections:
T-Star Pro V.4.0

Poster Series A — F / Connection is published and designed by Binnenland.
Download The Poster Series A — F as pdf


T-Star in BL-Typewriter
T-Star Font Family