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Formale Grotesque – Beta Version

There were different questions at the beginning of the project to the new typeface 'Formale Grotesque'. Some of them came up over the course of the historical research and others were triggered by the personal confrontation with our demands for a new typeface.





How typefaces were drawn and especially how they were verified concerning their function in the body text in pre-computer times – was one of the main questions and led us to the idea
of starting an analogue working process ourselves. The typographers mainly created characters in large sizes and
in an isolated way, we have tried to integrate this approach
in our work processes.

How can we expand our creative repertoire and our formal language with regard to our typefaces? Again and again we tend to rewind processes and methods as well as our established repertoire of forms instead of questioning and confronting
them with new strategies. Therefore the consideration to lead
a mainly analogue working process came to us conveniently.


Why did the first grotesque typefaces mostly not have an independent name? The names were rather descriptive in regard of the characteristics of the typeface, but nearly none of
the early grotesques had a detached naming without the ending grotesque or adorned for example the name of a well-known
type cutter. The term grotesque is no longer the same in relation to typefaces as it was a hundred years ago when the term established. But this question about the grotesque became another aspect that influenced our approach and reflection.


Also the question of volume arose within the design process
and the examination of form and counter form as well as
the character and its surrounding space. What does volume mean
in relation to typefaces in terms of content and surface and
why is this term not as established in the typographic world
as, for example, in music?


The « Formale Grotesque » is available as Trial Font in a Beta single weight for project-layout testings. In case of commercial use and publishing of works including the font you have to purchase the licences. The actualy single font weight is a challenge for the designer, that means reduction in the use of typography or patience for those waiting for the other weights of the coming family.









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