EXHIBITIONS / 2013-11-10

Korpus Grotesk Film

The highly compressed lettrist film Korpus Grotesk
(35mm, b&w, 23 sec), is a flicker installation of the eponymous font, the viewer can only guess that the new font is being shown from A to Z.

The letters were transferred by phototypesetting to film, which in turn was used to expose the printing plate. 'Korpus Grotesk' refers formally to this technique in which the film is used as a transporter of the light for the exposure and thus at the same time becomes a unique homage to the technology of cinematographic reproduction.





Running through the letters of the alphabet faster than the eye can see, this film presents a concise and literally overwhelming statement on what it means to visually perceive script, pictures, and 25 frames per second. It is a homage to machine-aided poetry in all its forms that embraces both the mechanical and imaginary aspects of what it means to tell a story.


Film Korpus Grotesk, 2013, 35mm, b&w, 25 fps, 23 Sec
Font Korpus Grotesk on Kodak Vision 2383 film
Concept: Nik Thoenen, Voice: Hubsi Kramar, Editing: Michaela Schwentner,
Sound Editing: Nik Hummer, Distribution: sixpackfilm

With the project 'Type Motion', ZKM intends to make a contribution to the research, documentation and archiving of script films, starting from the beginning of film-making up to the present. Among classical popular and lesser noticed as well as frequently difficultly accessible script films, the higliy compressed lettrist film 'Korpus Grotesk' is presented as loop in an installative single projection. The exhibitions is part of the international research, editon and exhibiton project Schriftfilm/Typemotion, initated, produced and presented by ZKM Karlsruhe, in collaboration with FACT and xm:lab, curated by Bernd Scheffer, Christine Stenzer, Soenke Zehle, in cooperaton with Peter Weibel.

ZKM Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie, Karlsruhe,
November 16, 2013 — January 12, 2014
National Gallery of Art, Vilnius
October 10 — November 9, 2014
FACT Foundation for Art and Creative Technology, Liverpool
November 6, 2014 — February 15, 2015
National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts
March 21 — 06 July, 2015