ITEMS / 2013-08-02

Modern life is a continuous intelligence test

Thomas Feuerstein wrote an interesting text about sampling. Actually, sampling is not exactly the right topic for Binnenland's discourse but in one paragraph he uses the German term 'Korpuskeln'. This is a funny coincidence since the typeface we use for the puzzle is called 'Korpus'. Corpuscles are all these small elements you get by fragmentation of a whole unit. And these elements constitute the elementary starting point for creation or recreation of something new.




Modern life is a continuous intelligence test.
Korpus-A font puzzle, 256 elements






Occidental cultural and technical history equals a double-helix whose strings aim on one hand at dissection and on the other hand at reduplication and reconstruction: one part aims at dissection, fragmentation and finally eliminations of entities, while the other part works on imitation, mackle and artificial replication, which again is a free combination of corpuscles (particles) to bodies and which respectively enables manipulation and sampling.


One of the most recent products Binnenland released is the puzzle Modern life is a continuous intelligence test, which consists not of an image but only of text, a single sentence, as to say. An interesting and also amusing aspect we see in the simularity between the approach to our work and the principle of a puzzle. "Since we are graphic designers and not educated typographers, we mainly work in trial&error mode to find suitable results. In our design process we dissect the whole alphabet to single letters or even smaller parts — this marks the starting point in the development of a new font, and it's also the beginning of the puzzle process."


This leads to another, more philosophic aspect, namely the idea of the creation / solution of something or even life: out of almost nothing, just loose pieces we try to get results — the image or content of a puzzle. And this intellectual and strategic process of finding solutions is also an allegory of life: after putting together several pieces and parts, we can get a view on one whole and on meanings.



Photocredits: Pascal Petignat