EXHIBITIONS / 2017-05-12

Subtext: Typedesign I

In April 2017, Binnenland was invited by the Typographic Society Austria (tga) to present some of their type design in the framework of Subtext: Typedesign. The exhibition explored new developments in type design taking into consideration the growing importance of digital type design and assembled the work of locally and internationally active type designers connected with Austria.
The exhibition was curated by Andreas Pawlik and Martin Tiefenthaler and took place at Design Forum Austria, Museumsquartier Vienna from April 12 to May 26, 2017.









The exhibition is build up with an inteligent impressiv system by dform (Andreas Pawlik and Christian Manser), which show us how to put together type and design. The exhibition was curated by Andreas Pawlik and Martin Tiefenthaler, under the participation of Anna Fahrmaier (Typejockeys), tga (Eric Monitzer and Gerhard Pany) as well as with the great help of Bernhard Poppe, Johannes Raimann as photographer and Schriftlabor as generous supporter.

Digital font design provides an essential component of modern media architecture. Thus, writing is not only a moderator of the content, but is often a central identity-creating element for both commercial and artistic productions. But our attempt in this exhibition was to show a basic discours: content always precedes the form. With an article published in the NZZ by Günther Stocker (The Act of Reading, to the death of the Konstanz literary scientist Wolfang Iser) we animate the discussion about the act of reading and the associated role of typography.


Photos © Johannes Raimann, except starter image © dfrom (Andreas Pawlik)