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Temporäre Unordnung

Typeface developments only show their intended quality in use. In the final elaboration phase of Thomas Hirter's ‘Lexik’, the body text of the publication ‘Temporäre Unordnung’ was set in the beta version of the font weight Regular. Complementary to this, typefaces for the newspaper market are a recurring theme. In their importance, they are of course increasingly interesting in the context of a cross-media application in print and screen. The publication 'Temporäre Unordnung' was printed in web offset on newsprint. It is nice to see how confidently the typeface 'Lexik' is reproduced, according to its screen representation.








'Temporäre Unordnung' a project of the Parliamentary Directorate - Projekt Sanierung Parlament, University of Applied Arts Vienna and  Pascal Petignat in collaboration for the book concept with Nik Thoenen, responsible for design and realisation.




Students of the University of Applied Arts Vienna had the opportunity to investigate the historic building shortly after the parliament had moved out. The result is a photographic investigation about interaction of architecture, art and politics. Temporäre Unordnung [Temporary Disorder], 782 images as a photographic index from the Austrian parliament building in vacancy, printed in web-fed offset on newsprint, is representation and valence in a non-explicit image-political argument about the parliament building. Matching this fact, the typeface 'Lexik' is convincing in this materialisation.




The typeface 'Lexik' has been designed by Thomas Hirter ( and refined and elaborated in joint work with Binnenland over the last two years.
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