After some collaboration on various typeface projects,
Michael Mischler and Nik Thoenen founded Binnenland in 2007 to publish their font developments and to distribute their own typefaces. They not only design typefaces guided by their particular interest in the sensitive dimensions of signs and their effectiveness in both the friction of graphic shapes and the manner of reading, they are also teaching type, they are talking about type, they are thinking about type with all their (phenomenological) components.

For all questions regarding licensing & sales, custom and exclusive type design or technical questions and problems,
which are not sufficient explained under Specifications,
please contact:

Mischler & Thoenen
Brueckfeldstrasse 21
3012 Bern

Binnenland 2007-2017

Binnenland says thanks to Silverserver for their server support, m.ash for coding, Schriftlabor run by Rainer Erich Scheichelbauer and his wunderful team for their great turn of our type design into functioning fonts, Michaela Schwentner for all the accurate words, Margit Fellerer, Marc Zehnhaeuser for their media advice, Maia Gusberti for work on project content, Dimitri Bruni & Manuel Krebs for the exchange about fonts, Stefan Müller for telephone information, Cornel Windlin for tolerating mistakes we made, David Rust for technical support, Michael Luther for testing our fonts on all platforms, André Vladimir Heiz for the usability bequeathed signs, Pascal Petignat and Martin Scholz for the beauties of the common tool, Karin Frei Rappenecker for the plea at the mistake, Claudia Mareis for the interrelationship between design and knowledge, Zimoun with his project leerraum.ch for his affinity, François Rappo for his knowledge and research on fonts, Tomas Sanchez for spanish and Marco Mangione for italian translation, Silja Bilz for answering so many questions, Adrian Frutiger for his life's work, Hansjürg Hunziker for aspects of Arabic script reform, Wim Crouwel for his highly abstract fonts, tga for their fondly highlights in lectures and symposia, Peter Affolter for showing us the pen-stroke in a Carolingian minuscule, BLESS for their statement, poststudio – Andrean Nechev & Magdalina Stancheva, as well as Tano Bojankin for the bulgarian cyrillic impact, Manuel Burgener for his charming radical interventions, Hi – Megi Zumstein & Claudio Barandun for its uncomplicated but professional collaboration, Gerrit Noordzij for his expanded mindset and statement, Lars Mischkulnig and Sabine Kronenberg for their unconventional questions about space, slanted and Julia Kahl for all the amazing chats, Critzler for our first introduction to a font drawing program, Bastien Aubry for access to Berlin, Nicolas Bourquin for his uncomplicated approach, Michael Robinson for translation. sfgbb for their relaxed handling of typography, Autodesk Inc for Monotxt, Johannes Bergerhausen with decodeunicode.org for his farshightedness and last but not least Jessica Mantel for their bone work on Korpus Grotesk.