For all advantages of using web fonts on desktop and mobile browsers, all our typefaces are available in .woff, .woff2 and .eot format for self-hosting on your web server implemented
via @fontface.

The Binnenland web font licensing is easy to understand and easy to handle: you simply pay for the assumed number of 'visitors per month' you need. The pricing for the amount of licenses will be charged once, without additional annual payments. For each font you want to use, you purchase a package of visitors/p.m. that you gradually use over time. Your package does not expire. You only need to upgrade your package if the visitors/p.m. on your website increase. In this case you need to enlarge your license package to the next level.
The following license-scale is divided into 4 levels, detailed prices per font can be looked up at Prices & Order:

Basic: up to 10 K visitors per month
Business: up to 100 K visitors per month

Enterprise: up to 1 M visitors per month
Universal: up to 5 M visitors per month

Please note that the web-license for a font is tied to one specific URL. Subdomains and variations of the domain name are included in the price as long as they are all administrated by the same person/company. Pricing by unique visitors is a more accurate and fair way to charge a service. When someone visits your website, Binnenland fonts are downloaded and cached by the user’s browser for 30 days. If you are not sure how much traffic you will receive on a new website, just start small. If you are wildly successful, order an upgrade.

We also offer upon request Web-Multiuser-Licenses for unlimited domains (URL) and subdomains with perpetual license based on monthly page views. For detailed informations please send us an email.

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